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Justified Meat-Potting

It was suggested today (in an entirely friendly and complimentary way, I might add) that I had ceased journalling altogether, and I was forced to admit that it might indeed appear so - simply, I had found little to actually write about recently, or rather had not had sufficient rigour and drive to go out and actively locate things regarding which to write.

Webley broken open on table.jpg In order to rectify this I shall now post a commercial announcement of interest to only a tiny number of people, as well as a script so that I might persuade myself this is an entry of note. I have recently been reminded by the gracious Firiel McGann that updated versions of the .45 Shansi and .455 Webley really are requiring of being released, if only that my automatic update script can be included in them to prevent the bother which I will now detail.

shansi-promo-05 For the record, the changes apart from the inclusion of the updating system are that the Webley now can now be animatedly drawn and holstered, and the Shansi may be prevented from ejecting cartridges, which causes it to be prohibited from many "RP" sims, a crying shame. Ah yes, and they are both now copy no-trans rather than trans no-copy, a much safer arrangement in this day and age.

In any case, the problem arose of how to provide past customers, who had not purchased a version of the product concerned containing an updating script, with the latest version. I have some limited Transaction Records, but annoyingly they only record the name of the customer, not the key, the latter being necessary to send things by script, and for heaven's sake I refuse to search for a good hundred and fifty Names them drag and drop items upon their Profiles. My devotion to customer service only goes so far.

The scripting solution to this is relatively simple - one must take a list of names, which should be contained in a notecard as they may exceed the paltry memory of an LSL Script, then look up the keys using a third-party service such as the W-Hat Name To Key Records, then send a message and the updated item to these folk. I include the script that I used herein as it may provide a convenient introduction to the sequential interaction of different data events, here http_response and dataserver, both essential for a scripter wishing to work with any quantity of data.

Some may say at this point "but Ordinal, could this not be used by Dubious Types engaged in the Unwanted Promotion of Commercial Services, in a manner redolent of Potted Meat?" The answer to that is: indeed yes, if they already possess a list of names to send to, but really, this is not a terribly complex script, I am not giving away any awful cosmic secrets that Residents Were Not Meant To Know here, and quite honestly anyone wishing to "spam" already has a million tools to do so - irritating announcements on Group Channels come to mind just for a start.


Oh, incidentally, I may add that undoubtedly a number of people were left out of this distribution. If you, dear reader, have either of these products, simply send me your copy and I shall return the new version forthwith.

Dalien Talbot's picture
05 Nov200707:05
Dalien Talbot (not verified)

Nice script, although I would include llSleep(2.0+llFrand(2.0)) or such inbetween the requests to be a bit gentler to the w-hat server.

As for the use - every technology has both light and dark sides. Even a TV set can be used to kill or injure someone by dropping it on their head. :)

Regarding spamming - since the identity of the sender is quite easily recognizable, if this becomes a problem I am hopeful LL would fairly easily track down the miscreants - since unsolicited advertizements are considered an illegal activity in many juristictions.

Ordinal Malaprop's picture
05 Nov200707:09
Ordinal Malaprop (not verified)

The sending of the IM and the llGiveInventory use about five seconds between calls, so it is fairly gentle on the server itself (assuming that the majority of one's calls result in a key - perhaps a pause after a failed request would also be a good idea).

Dalien Talbot's picture
05 Nov200711:49
Dalien Talbot (not verified)

ah, true, I totally forgot. Sorry, my apologies... :)
And for the failed requests - interesting.
I'd expect 1.9m in the name2key db to provide a significant coverage to include the ~300000 that spend the money inworld, which makes my previous comment comment null and void.
Interesting to know whether there would be any, in case you can share that info.

Edward Pearse's picture
13 Nov200700:05
Edward Pearse (not verified)

My gracious thanks for the updated Webley. While I admire the LeMat, the Webley is far more in keeping with the uniforms I have created.

I was wondering if it might be at all possible to allow the "holstered" version to have the prims moddable, so that an actual holster may be built to contain it?

Layla Shriner's picture
13 Nov200703:50
Layla Shriner (not verified)

My dear Ms Malaprop, as an ardent admirer of your fine creations, I wish to implore your assistance on a matter of some delicacy.
My beloved fiance, a man of impeccable grooming and deportment has, alas, the somewhat disconcerting habit of relieving himself of excess nasal hair with the aid of a lighted match. I have, over the years, besought the advice of many knowledgeable sages and have received replies ranging from the derisory to the homicidal. Having carefully considered the instructions I was thus given, I find that none would allow me to maintain the affections of my Intended nor, I believe, avoid censure by our venerable legal system.
I therefore, in cognizance of your skill with the marvels of Victorian technology, humbly request that you direct your attention to the creation of a device which would perform the required operation with a minimum of blood loss and no production of noxious fumes.

Ordinal Malaprop's picture
14 Nov200708:42
Ordinal Malaprop (not verified)

Mr Pearse: I must have forgotten to set the appropriate permissions. I shall do so immediately.

Ms Shriner: Well, I confess that I am more inclined _towards_ the production of flames, but clearly this is a disgusting habit and to be discouraged, even in private, as the stench of burnt nasal hair no doubt persists. I dread to think, to be quite frank.

The quickest route I suspect would be to persuade the gentleman in question that he would look much more handsome with a proper handlebar moustache, which has the benefit of concealing any rogue whiskers protruding from the nostrils most efficiently; they will blend into the moustache itself, which in addition gives a noble bearing.

Failing that, I have been thinking along the lines of a Clockwork Moustache, which would attach to the upper lip and provide a healthful massage to the skin, as well as be able to concisely trim hairs just above it by the simple application of flywheels. On the other hand I have been discouraged by some prurient suggestions as to the true purpose of a massaging clockwork moustache, which I would like to state that I whole-heartedly deny.