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An Awkward Occurrence enables Pontification

I must say that we have not had a Good, Old-Fashioned, Update-Related Scripting Function Break for some considerable length of time, and it is good to see that Tradition is re-establishing itself with the most recent "Rolling Restart".

I had been considering the announcement of a small product that I had produced, a simpler variant of my as-yet-unreleased-and-generally-exceptionally-tardy Galvanic Swordstick designed for use with Rifkind Hapsburg's "En Garde" game. Whilst I have been both busy and distracted recently, I was charmed by En Garde, which combines simplicity and depth most pleasingly. The game allows the use of alternative weaponry to the standard épée, more as an Especial Effect than anything else as they will only give one an advantage in terms of Fashion, and I tinkered with the Swordstick for a little while, adding a few animations and such for good effect, to make it compatible.

Whilst I was absent over the weekend of En Garde's release (engaging in a business in Europe of which it is best not to speak) and was forced to rush the crafting somewhat, I put the En Garde Swordstick up for sale on ShopOnRez, and also in a little box at the main En Garde stadium, for L$50, with the promise of adding a few more features in future days and weeks.

Unfortunately I discover today that a particular, and at first glance minor, use of a particular scripting has been disabled - the ability to change the position of a linked avatar using llSetLinkPrimitiveParams. Reactions to that previous sentence I would suspect to be one of:

  1. "Pardon?"
  2. "Why would that matter?"

For those responding in manner number One, I should explain that llSetLinkPrimitiveParams is a very useful little function allowing a script to change an awful lot of the details of a Prim that is linked into an Object - anything from its position through its type and sculpt texture to whether it emits light or not. In the past one was forced to use a subscript in that particular prim to change these things, and instruct it via a Link Message, but being able to do this from a central script is far more efficient and convenient.

For those responding in manner number Two, I should point out that, as most scripters will be aware, when an Avatar sits upon an Object, said Avatar is actually linked into that object much as any other prim and may be treated as one as far as Scripts are concerned - which is why the changed event triggers with CHANGED_LINK should someone sit on something, a Vehicle may only be 31 primitives including passengers, and so on. One may find the link number of the avatar (a simple loop through the prims suffices here, checking their names and keys) and then use llSetLinkPrimitiveParams to move them around, which otherwise is completely impossible. The use of llSitTarget defines where an Avatar first appears when initially sitting down on something, but changing it does not affect their position after that unless they stand up and sit down again.

(I will add a note of reassurance at this point that it is not possible to use said function to change other parameters of an avatar, merely its position. No script will be able to turn a hapless sitter into a torus.)

This function is widely used these days for all sorts of purposes. I myself have used it to adjust someone's posed position when standing on a vehicle according to their height, so that their feet do not go through the floor and they do not appear to be hovering in mid-air; it is also used in different types of furniture, and in the case of Mr Habsburg's En Garde, it is required to move the players back and forward as they engage in their swordplay. Clearly its removal is not cricket.

Why, though, one might ask, would this be removed at all? It appears that some sort of exploitable aspect existed which could be used to crash Sims, clearly something that no right-minded person would desire to remain. However, I wager that it is not at all impossible to restore the useful part of this function.

For those responding immediately in manner number Three, or those who have taken an interest on account of the preceding paragraphs, I humbly suggest that you visit the Jira Page "[#SVC-750] Avatar sitting on a prim no longer able to be manipulated with llSetLinkPrimitiveParams" and therein vote for the matter to be resolved. I am sure that it will be mere moments until we are all content once more; Mr or Ms Soft Linden has already stated that

There's no plan for this to be permanent, and I'm asking for this functionality to be added to the test plan for future releases. (I'm bothered too - it broke some of my furniture!)

Well quite.

I should not finish this piece without at least mentioning that certain New And Improved Laws Of Physics are currently available for - and definitely requiring of - thorough testing within the parallel world known as the "Beta Grid", but I dare not actually name them lest this cause them to disappear into the mists for another hundred years.

Tyffany Flintoff's picture
03 Oct200709:09
Tyffany Flintoff (not verified)


A simple and to-the-point request; please write more.


Hotspur O'Toole's picture
04 Oct200700:00
Hotspur O'Toole (not verified)

EN GARDE! How lovely. I have the original Reinier Knizia board game upon which this is based. Grand fun. I will seek it out. Thank you, Miss Ordinal.


Klaus Wulfenbach's picture
06 Oct200706:05
Klaus Wulfenbach (not verified)

Fraulein Malaprop, I did not see your name on the list of voters for this one JIRA, and thought you might like to look into it.



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