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An Unsatisfying Morsel

~ Herein, one may find a few notes dashed off in a hasty hand whilst standing in a damp Caledon drizzle, repeatedly poking a riveted cube. ~

In case any reader had not yet heard, Caledon approaches war with sundry treacherous sausage-eaters:

Trouble is brewing...

I have been working on a small flying vehicle, which uses Jillian Callahan's "Callahan Combat Control" system. Amazingly enough, it was possible to hold fair-sized "dogfights" involving half a dozen people without any part of Caledon falling into the sea, which I was expecting. Said Runabout (a fast and maneuverable little thing using the patented Levitation Coil Engine, though somewhat vulnerable) will be available shortly in a finalish version, and all proceeds from it will be directed towards Relay For Life, at while it is still (ho ho) running.

Vulnerable Coil-Engine Flyer Vulnerable Coil-Engine Flyer (again)

I plan to have a few other Purely Defensive Vehicles becoming available as well, as soon as I organise my time correctly and stop being quite so scatterbrained, which could be a little while coming.

Off on a bombing run Through the porthole

I confess to having spent most of the latest Sunday investigating and construction engines relating to the I Ching, the final versions of which I am rather proud, though not being the most spiritually competent person in the universe I have at some point doubtless made some appalling error which will require hasty correction. I shall post more about this at some future point when I am not quite so ridiculously distracted by Things.

Oh yes. The Twitterbox. Ahem, yes, I am myself currently using version Zero Point Four, which actually has some quite handy extra features, but I haven't put that out either. In futile defence of my organisational skills, I did post the Control Script for 0.3 eventually, and also edited the page generally somewhat to make a few things clearer.

Desmond Shang's picture
03 Apr200704:16
Desmond Shang (not verified)

Indeed, war approaches... that is, though it isn't officially mentioned, there's a rather gentleman's agreement on both sides not to begin until we have everyone's uniforms cleaned and pressed.

But after that, bloody War!

Prepare the Observation Dirigibles! I suspect there will be Newsreels of Great Import coming our way soon.

Ordinal Malaprop's picture
03 Apr200704:35
Ordinal Malaprop (not verified)

Well, yes, clearly we must have proper uniforms. And hats. It is one of my unfulfilled ambitions, possessing the skill to adequately manufacture hats, but alas it appears that millinery is beyond me and I must stick to making things go "boom" and whatnot.

Jaymin Carthage's picture
03 Apr200718:48
Jaymin Carthage (not verified)

I could possibly contribute my etherflyer. It is fitted with a heat ray, cannon, and bombard. It's hopelessly hard to aim but it is, iron plated and could seat 12. Perhaps a landing boat? Is there a Caledon marine contingent?
I'm currently vacationing in foggy London, where the ether has been most unreliable. But I'll be back to my usual haunts next week within easy commute of Caledon if such would be helpful.
Not that it matters overmuch, but I'm news starved in my current disconnected state. Who exactly is Caledon at war with?

CronoCloud Creeggan's picture
07 Apr200706:48
CronoCloud Creeggan (not verified)

I shall enlist in the Caledon Foreign Legion Forthwith, My Blunderbuss and Pistol are at Caledon's service.

That is if there is a Foreign Legion to join.