Twitterbox 0.3

Oh my giddy aunt, I forgot entirely to announce the release of version 0.3 of the Twitterbox before retiring the previous night.

Well, version 0.3 of the Twitterbox has been released. It is fairly similar to the previous version, as one might expect, with the addition of the ability to automatically post the URL of the latest entry in an "RSS" or "Atom" "feed". Say, for instance, one places a photograph of one's surroundings on Snapzilla - with proper configuration and a Twitterbox, one might include the word SNAPZILLA (or, depending on one's preferences, ZILLA, SNAP, PHOTO, PORCUPINE or pretty much anything) in one's twitterings and have it replaced with a conveniently-bijou tinyurl leading to the photograph. The same goes for a journal entry, or a phonographic recording, or, well, I am sure others are more inventive than I. (You may see a more full description in the "keywords" section of the main Twitter page.) Personally speaking I find it very convenient when combined with the Applescriptery mentioned in my previous entry.

I might also mention that I tidied up the reporting-of-errors function a little, so that it does not throw a whole mess of nonsense into one's face whenever it is unable to locate something. This is a common enough wrinkle of the Aethernet for nonsense-mess-throwing to not be particularly desirable.

As usual, the Twitterbox can be found at my Caledon shop, or, shortly at SLExchange and SLBoutique. Similarly as usual, full details are on the main Twitterbox page.

Three Second Life-to-Web

Three Second Life-to-Web Services Updated...

Three services we brought you recently that mash up the virtual world of Second Life and the (also virtual, in its way) World Wide Web, have had new versions released in the last few days. Slo