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Porcupines, Applescript and Automatic Flickring

I mentioned in my last Twitter-related post of inordinate length that it might be possible to set a Folder Action on the Apple Platform which would automatically upload full-sized snapshots to Flickr, although dealing with Applescript was like having porcupines in one's socks. The porcupines have turned out not to be quite as troublesome as I first thought, and I have managed to squash together two existing Applescripts in order to make this possible. Do note that this is of no use to any reader whose Own Engine is not compatible with the "OS X" System, and I have no inclination, or indeed idea of how, to make such a thing work on other Systems.

Here is the code for the Folder Action:

The exact details of how to set a folder action on a folder are a little beyond the explanatory power of this Journal, but I would advise anyone not familiar with the procedure to inspect the Apple Company's own pages on the matter.

Firstly, create a folder to which you will be saving your pictures - I have one on my Desktop called "Send To Flickr", but it could really be anywhere. Save the script above somewhere, edit it to include your own Email Address and your own personal Email Address For Sending Things To Flickr With (see here if not aware of this), then assign it as a Folder Action. The script itself includes detailed directions as to where you might stick your Email Addresses.

Once this has been done and one enters Second Life, the first snapshot that is saved to disc will have to be saved specifically to the folder which you created. You should, really, be able to remember its location. After that, any snapshot you take and save there - or in fact any that you move to that folder by hand, as it were - will be converted to the JPEG format, and then sent to Flickr. A simple "CTRL-" will be sufficient to publicly record your immediate surroundings, as long, of course, as you are a user of the Apple Company's Mail.app device. And with Twitterbox 0.3 you will be able to swiftly send this picture to the world, or at least the Twitterworld, a dark and drunken hive of scum and villainy if you ask me.

As an addition, I have designed an icon appropriate for a Flickr-uploading folder which you are very welcome to use, until such time as Lawyers force me to remove it, which I hope they will not. "Flickr" is a trademark of somebody or something, and no infringement is meant blah-de-blah.

Flickr upload folder icon

Next, we shall examine methods of forcing Second Life to make one tea and toast. Or perhaps some other subject will arise.

Jaymin Carthage's picture
13 Mar200721:26
Jaymin Carthage (not verified)

Tea and toast would be lovely, as I am professionally alergic to Apples. And, if those higher in the ministry approve, I'll be hosting a reception soon and will be all a twitter myself about such arrangement!

Ordinal Malaprop's picture
14 Mar200722:03
Ordinal Malaprop (not verified)

I did actually make a back-mounted Infernal Toasting Engine once, which sent a flurry of toast over the wearer's head and in a forward direction. I did, though, give it up as being both silly and insanitary.

An Engine Fit For My Proceeding · Twitterbox 0.3's picture
17 Mar200716:04
An Engine Fit For My Proceeding · Twitterbox 0.3 (not verified)

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Aenea Nori's picture
29 Apr200705:54
Aenea Nori (not verified)

Thanks Ordinal, I just managed to set this up on my iMac.

The only part of the script that's a bit frustrating is the subtitle part. Would it be possible to have the script use the filename (perhaps up to the .jpg file ending) as the subtitle instead? If I weren't such a script noob there'd probably be a variable I could use...

Ordinal Malaprop's picture
30 Apr200703:51
Ordinal Malaprop (not verified)

Actually, you know, I've made an Automator script to do this (and more) which is much easier to maintain - I hate Applescript myself, as do all right-thinking folk. When I have a chance I will put that up.

I think, though, that to set the picture title to the filename, one merely needs to change the line

set msgSubject to "Direct from the Grid"


set msgSubject to ""

as I believe then Flickr will set the name of the picture to the name of the picture file. It is worth a try, anyway. Perhaps 'set msgSubject to new_name' would work if that doesn't.

Aenea Nori's picture
30 Jun200701:04
Aenea Nori (not verified)

To continue flogging this particular horse, which has provided with me with immeasurable pleasure (and Flickr with inappropriate volumes of pictures):

I believe that the conversion script is changing the dimensions of pics from any particular dimensions that I choose in the client, down to properly scaled pics with an upper limit of 1024 pixels of width.

I would be totally happy, and would leave this horse to die peacefully, if I could *just* not be constrained like that. It's just slightly better than using postcards in the client and getting shrunk to 640x480.


Bettina Tizzy's picture
03 Dec200704:43
Bettina Tizzy (not verified)

Ordinal - You da BOMB! Hehe... you are so clever :) I, for one, congratulate myself for knowing you...